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The Eye of Vesuvius

"Among the gold and the blue that characterize them, sparks of black and red explode, rebellion of the silent giant. The eye of Vesuvius is observing, testing and watching the lovers. Guardian of a land, of its odors, of the cries of its people, of the secret passions preserved in the apparent peace of an ever-changing sea."

--Caterina Arciprete

Sea Volcano

Vulcano di mare
Sea Volcano
Acrylic on paper - 57 x 75 cm

"Rem is taking shape beneath the lashes.
I have dreamt of you in this way, excited by the sea that saw you being born,
remembrance of an escape."

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The Volcano's Eye - Panel 1

 The Volcano's Eye - Panel 2

L'occhio del vesuvio
The Volcano's Eye
Acrylic on canvas - 40 x 60 cm x 2
" Shouting colors, desperate happiness maintained under pressure for centuries. Another look and the explosion is unavoidable!"

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