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Eye of Vesuvius
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Acrylic on canvas - 40 x 40 cm x3

" The green island is a chessboard of serene houses, in one of these, one of your eyes can be found, satisfied. Happy moment, faraway from today and from tomorrow, blocked in yesterday's time, the time that matters in the heart's affairs."


"The islands, receding into the distance, smile with their colors that are patches of life. Green rocks of salvation cut out from the field of vision of your look. Island, sheath of a tale that is so close to the reality of this masterly city and to the passing by of time, time that is carried away by swift currents.

The waters that once were blue, today are black, and sometimes golden and surrealistic, might be transparent tomorrow, like the uncertainty of a dimension that nurtures in every moment those roles, with no exit. Everlasting passions, parallel worlds with no meeting point, night escapes of veiled dreams, hidden in the depths of a mountain that knows the truth, the truth that was stolen by the eye of Naples."

--Caterina Arciprete


Acrylic on canvas - 60 x 30 cm

"I see you flee in the hill that once was green, and now has become the red of a suspended eye, waiting for the pink to return."

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The Mermaid's Lover

L'amante della sirena
The Mermaid's Lover

Acrylic on canvas - 40 x 100 cm

" Perhaps, on the blue plate, he might have loved her, as you love a woman…
but one wave cannot disturb the currents that follow the earth."

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