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Caterina Arciprete

Caterina Arciprete

About the Artist

Caterina Arciprete was born in Naples in 1974 and grew up in a family of artists. After graduating from the F. Palizzi Art Institute of Naples in 1992, she started studying illustration at the European Institute of Design in Rome, where from 2000 to 2002, she also taught in the illustration department. After moving back to Naples, she continued teaching painting and illustration at the Naples Design Laboratory and Sannazaro high school. In the mean time, she started working as an art restorer and editorial illustrator.

In 1996, after years of working with watercolors and paper, she started painting with acrylic paints on canvas, wood panel and Plexiglas, replacing the subtle colors of her illustrations with brighter and stronger tints.

She has participated in many group exhibitions in Italy and France, and a solo show in 2004 following the publication of "Stars," presenting the original illustration used in the book, in addition to a series of paintings on the same theme. This solo exhibit came to Philadelphia following a very successful show in New York City in February, 2006.

What the Critics Say

"Metaphysical symbolism, playful deformation of the image, poetics of movement and sinuosity of the shapes often form the principal elements of Caterina Arciprete's work. The iconic use of these elements has helped this young Neapolitan artist affirm her position as one of the most interesting voices of contemporary painting and illustration in Italy.

Deformation is a fundamental theme in painting and illustration. Ms. Arciprete applies it, most of all, to the eyes. They lengthen until they cross the limits of the face, to underline the importance and the role of the eye that knows how to look for the most hidden reality of things. Hands, faces, arms give in with docility to the need of this inner rhythm and follow the curvilinear spiral-form direction willingly: a circularity and roundness of lines that wind around the entire image and produce, in certain cases, the fetal position, the form being born.

In The Eye of Naples, a glance catches the details of one who is living its reality: a neck, a corner of the mouth, a discreet cloud. The eye then composes the image again, as unitary wholeness: everything is a play of decomposition and re-composition. The isolation of the subject, on which the artist wants to draw the attention of the viewer, happens somewhere else in the picture through a well-chosen play of inner panels that develop the poetics of form and color.

The path towards abstraction, the artist's personal and original journey in the realm of symbols, is also visible in the landscapes where, in a rarefied atmosphere, silhouettes of human beings move around with graceful elegance. Caterina Arciprete makes us travel through space and time, revealing the sweetness of a fleeting encounter and the indifference of people, through a poetic path of evocative images."

-- Adapted from text by Livio Sossi

Home - Panel 1

Home - Panel 2

Home - Panel 3

Acrylic on Plexiglas - 110 x 42 cm x 3

" My home, closed in the transparency of future memory, is cut out in a conviction: the protecting warmth of its guardian soul."

Individual works from the exhibit are available for sale. To inquire about availability and prices, please contact Mr. Pejman Makarechi (, Director of Medical Media Services at Thomas Jefferson University.

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