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An exhibit of paintings and illustrations by Caterina Arciprete
at Thomas Jefferson University's Scott Memorial Library in the Spring of 2006.


Cloudy Eye
cchio di nuvola

Cloudy Eye
Acrylic on Plexiglas - 110 x 42 cm and 21 x 32 cm

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"Among the reflections of indifferent people, golden clouds announce the event.
I meet your paper eye. It completes mine, it is the same as mine… drawn in a tear of space."


Artist's Statement

"The eye transmits to the heart, precedes speech, puts the other senses out of order, and invades the veins and the flesh. A glance splits the air and creeps into the crowd quicker and more effectively than a hundred voices, louder than a thousand steps.

In the hot, chaotic, romantic atmosphere of Naples, the eye of an angel enters the crowded alleys, among white sheets that witness consummated love. It is the impossible love between the eternal mermaid and mortal man. A meeting, an encounter. A confrontation between two dimensions that cohabit in a perpetual play, the adrenalinic play of this city."

--Caterina Arciprete


Acrylic on canvas - 50 x 120 cm

"Angel, you lost yourself in the narrow streets where light is constantly filtered
by inquisitive eyes and by seemingly white sheets."

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Metropolitan Dance

Danza metropolitana
Metropolitan Dance
Acrylic on wood panel - 44 x 173 cm

"The fleeting explosion, an encounter in the dark, has transformed the usual race into an elegant dance."

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First Display

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