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Homage to Healers
John Y. Templeton, III, MD

Image 28:  Homage to John Y. Templeton III, MD
Image 28
Homage to John Y. Templeton III, MD
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Floral Celebration

So ashen and remote had I become
That all the luminary wild within --
The prism colors yet unflecked, unknown,
Unfocused and unmirroring of sin --

Darkened to nil, and every youthful twist
Had long forsaken me. I had no choice
But to surrender to a surgeon's tryst,
Hands on my heart to cut and to caress

Deeper than any lover ever would.
Fear was no albatross, for you were brave
And I could brook no life without the brood
Of light and hue to guide me to my grave.

In older age across this cherished span
Of artful years I thank you, dearest man.

- Emanuel E. Garcia, MD

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