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  Lament for a Son
  Wounded Child
  Vers la Flamme

Image 3:  And My Spirit Shall Rejoice
Image 3
And My Spirit Shall Rejoice
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Image 4:  Memories, Dreams, Reflections
Image 4
Dreams, Reflections
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Image 5: Cauldron of the Soul
Image 5
Cauldron of the Soul
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Image 6:  Warrior Kite
Image 6
Warrior Kite
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A Flotilla of Healing Kites

Echoing throughout the centuries, lost in the endless space of time, kites have illuminated our history with a profoundly moving immediacy. Powerful symbols of flight and freedom, kites reflect the images of ancient cultures around the world. Our ancestors released kites as prayers to the gods and the Chinese flew magnificent kites of silk and bamboo in 206 B.C.

Image 2:  Interior Landscape
Image 2
Interior Landscape

In Europe, windsocks (forerunners of kites) have been flown since Roman times. Fighter kites have hidden and launched noble warriors into glorious battles long forgotten. Here in Philadelphia, Ben Franklin used a kite, string and a copper key to draw lightning from the sky and prove that electricity and lightning are the same.

In the context of this exhibit, individual kite paintings reflect the holistic properties of healing and the intrinsic union of mind, body and spirit. Linear skeins of color become the metaphor for the tangling threads of memories and the cumulative experiences of the human spirit. These messengers of healing invite us to release our fears into the realm of endless space. As we allow these feelings to soar as freely as children flying kites, we may experience the epiphany of healing.

--Mary Anne Bartley

Image 7:  Warrior Kite

Image 7
Warrior Kite
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Image 8: Warrior Kite

Image 8
Warrior Kite
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