Garden of Delights, by Trudy Kraft
Garden of Delights
Trudy Kraft


Philadelphia, by Bettina Kusel
Bettina Kusel


The Eye of Naples
Caterina Archiprete



Philadelphia has welcomed and nurtured the arts since its earliest years. The names Eakins, Calder and Cassat are tightly woven into the cultural history of this city, and it continues this tradition through its great museums and public art, including lively mural projects which inspire Philadelphians daily. Thomas Jefferson University also has a long and proud tradition of supporting the arts and artists. The most visible tradition is seen in the hundreds of faculty portraits displayed around campus, many of which are chosen and sponsored by Jefferson medical students. The Eakins Gallery, housed in Alumni Hall, displays original art as well as replicas of works by Thomas Eakins once owned by the University.

Scott Memorial Library has followed in the tradition of both Philadelphia and the University. In its collections may be found rare books of great beauty dating to the 15th century as well as other 'art on paper,' such as the playing cards of Salvador Dali. In recent years the Library has more actively promoted art by assembling exhibitions of local artists on its premises. The first of these was an exhibit of the work of Mary Anne Bartley, "Aerobics of the Spirit," which included the poetry of Dr. Emanuel Garcia and a complementary exhibit of "healing kites" hanging from the atrium of Jefferson Alumni Hall. Subsequent exhibits have featured paintings, photographs, jewelry, and other art forms.

Our goal is simple: to allow our students, faculty and staff to experience the artistic expressions of local artists; whether that provides for relaxation, inspiration, solace, joy, or any of the other responses great art can elicit. For the benefit of those who might visit our campus virtually we have assembled complementary online exhibits that we hope will provide a similar or even different experience of these works. And, we will preserve these in our JEFFLINE website, so that they become a part of the permanent archive of this University.

We invite you to enjoy this growing online exhibition.

Edward W. Tawyea
Director: Academic and Instructional Support and Resources
University Librarian

Life's Simple Shapes
Ilaria Arpino
Aerobics of the Spirit

Mary Anne Bartley
Emanuel Garcia, MD

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