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The Artist

East-Berlin-born artist Bettina Kusel, 1965, has lived in Philadelphia since 2005. At the age of 18, she won the German painting competition followed by a broadcasted reception at the famous Dresdner Galleries “Neue Meister,” part of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen (Dresden’s National Pictures Galleries). She then studied economics, history (HUB) and marketing/management at the ESCP in Paris and at the Buckinghamshire College of Higher Education in High Wycombe (GB), taught Economics at the Humboldt University and co-led an advertising Agency in Berlin.

After working in the tea-harvest in Asia, she completed her artistic education with photographer and cameraman Peter Schmidt (Award of the best German Documentary Cameraman in 1987) and produced several three–dimensional series of works in Berlin that challenged conventional thinking about art.

Under her brand küsel-kern-art-berlin she created Spektakel, an independent music-festival that introduced underground-bands like die anderen, Dekadance and Skeptiker to a broader audience. Spektakel is still today an ongoing annual event combining new tendencies in art and music in Berlin.

After working as an advisor in governmental commissions in Europe about the improvement of the educational system and the use of public subsidies, Ms. Kusel focused on her artistic work and taught color theories and painting techniques in Luxembourg before moving to Philadelphia, PA.

Bettina Kusel

Ms. Kusel's work has been
exhibited frequently,
in venues from
Luxembourg to Philadelphia.

Self Portrait

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Self Portrait
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Many of the works included in this exhibit are available for sale; contact the artist at

This exhibit may be linked to freely in whole or in part from any Web site; however, reuse of images or text on other sites is forbidden without the express consent of the artist. For permission to reproduce images, and for reproduction-quality copies of images, please contact Ms. Kusel

Additional Credits:
  • Exhibit artwork was photographed by David Super, Thomas Jefferson University's Medical Media
  • The original exhibit was arranged and hung by Pejman Makarechi and David Super, Medical Media Services staff.
  • The online exhibit was assembled by Ann Koopman, AISR staff.
  • Medical Media Services and AISR staff worked under the direction of Edward Tawyea, University Librarian and Director of Academic & Instructional Support & Resources.
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