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Using the Saved Search for Grants & Funding Information

Find additional literature on grants and funding in OVID MEDLINE using a saved search called "Grants Info."  Use this saved search strategy as a base and add your own keywords for your particular research or interest area. See how it works.

Note for PubMed users: Here is the strategy formatted for PubMed:

(("Fund Raising"[Mesh] OR "Financing, Organized"[Mesh:noexp] OR "Financing, Government"[Mesh:noexp]) OR ("Biomedical Research/economics"[Mesh]) OR ("Financial Support"[Mesh]) OR (("Epidemiologic Research Design"[Mesh]) AND ("economics"[MeSH Subheading])) OR ("Research Personnel/economics"[Mesh]) OR ("Research/economics"[Mesh]) OR ("Ethics Committees/economics"[Mesh])) OR ("grant*"[title] OR "fund"[title] OR "funds"[title] OR "funding"[Title])

Step 1: Log onto Ovid and choose the Ovid MEDLINE(R) database.

Step 2: Log into your OvidSP personal account. First-time users will create an account.

My Account

Step 2: From the Search tab, select "View Saved."

View Saved

Step 3: Scroll down the list to choose the "Grant or Funding Info" search and click "Run" to execute it.

Run search

Step 4: Add your own keywords and combine with the grants results to target your field(s) of interest.