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Know Your Funders: Identify Funded Research

Why Review Projects That Have Already Been Funded?

To find out more about research

  • To be aware of current research in the field before it is published and so avoid duplicating existing projects.
  • To identify what areas are "hot" - likely to be funded.

To find out more about researchers

  • To identify or learn more about researchers who may be potential employers, coworkers, collaborators or mentors.
  • To find out about research done at Jefferson.

To find out more about sponsors

  • In searching sources of funding, to identify sources that have funded research in your area of interest.
  • To learn more about a funding opportunity to which you may apply and the research interests of the sponsor.
  • If rejected for an opportunity, to see what was successfully funded and learn from the experience.

Where to Find Funded Research

Funding organization publications:
  • Web sites
  • press releases
  • annual reports
  • IRS filings
  • databases
Funding recipients' publications:
  • research report citations
  • journal article citations
  • acknowledgements
  • Web sites
  • press releases
  • annual reports

Independent directories of funded research

Search for Previously Funded Research

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