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Know Your Funders: Identifying Funding From Journal Citation Records

Some citation databases include a field for grants that have funded the research reported by the article. When searching the literature on your topic, look for this field so you can identify potential sources of funding

To see the grants field, view the full version of your results:

In PubMed, request the ABSTRACT display and click "Grant Support" at the bottom of the record.
In Ovid databases, request the "complete reference."

Records include the grant number for reports on research funded by any U.S. Public Health Service program beginning in the 1980s and more recently have expanded to cover other funders.

Descriptive Name: Grant Support
Sample Entry: R01 DK 27121/DK/NIDDK
Searchable Field Tag: [GR]
Descriptive Name: Grant Number
Sample Entry: RO1 DK 27121 (NIDDK)
Searchable Field Tag: .no.

An online guide to acronyms can translate which agencies funded the research. The grant number from these fields can be entered into a funded research database (such as NIH RePORTER) to find out more about the original grant application.

CINAHL citations include a searchable text field for Grants Information [GI].


Grant Information
Funded by the ONS Foundation and the East Carolina University School of Nursing Research Initiative.

Grant Information
Swedish Society against cancer, The Swedish Association for Cancer and Traffic Victims, and the Lions Cancer Research Foundation at Umea University