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Identifying & Contacting Jefferson Researchers

Jefferson's active and diverse research community is a rich resource for:

  • Researchers looking for mentors or collaborators
  • Jefferson researchers looking for advice on protocols or methods, or to share resources
  • Program coordinators looking for speakers
  • Sponsors looking for research expertise
  • Postdoctoral fellows researching positions
  • Students researching graduate schools or part-time research programs

Depending on the need, several tools are available to identify research activity on campus by department or division, researcher name, research topic, or research methodology.

Local Jefferson Resources

Jefferson Faculty Research Interests Database
Many faculty have profiles in the Jefferson Faculty Research Interests database. The profiles describe their research interests, grants, publications, patents, professional activities and contact information. Search the database by name, department or research topic to find out more about research interests on campus.

Profiles: Faculty Research Knowledge Map
Jefferson Profiles is an open-source, web-based research networking and expertise mining software tool. It shows traditional faculty directory and publication information. In the right column of a faculty profile, it displays automatically generated networks based on shared traits such as being in the same department or researching similar topics as defined by the Medical Subject Headings of their publications. Seach by name, keyword, institution, department, or faculy type.

Databases of Research Activities

NIH Clinical Trials Database
This link provides a shortcut to those NIH clinical trials at Jefferson and the Jefferson/Kimmel Cancer Center. Use the Search-Within-Results feature to find more specific results.

Pivot includes over 3 million profiles of scholars around the world. Key biographical information, research interests, selected publications, and contact information enable users to identify and contact relevant scholars based on their research, publishing, and professional credentials. Profiles are created for faculty listed on University academic department websites. Individuals may 'claim' their profile and provide updates to improve funding opportunity and collaborator recommendations.

Funded Research
Search databases by agency, topic, or researcher to identify funding Jefferson investigators have received for research.

Literature Databases

When databases like MEDLINE include a field for author affiliation/institution, this field can be searched to identify works by Jefferson authors. Searches may also be refined to identify works by individual researchers or departments, research methodologies used, or research topics.

Note that most of these databases list the affiliation only for the corresponding author, so collaborative efforts with multiple institutions may not be retrieved. Scopus, however, includes affilation fields for all the authors.

Search Strategy - Any Database

In the affiliation or institution field of any database, use the term Jefferson to find articles published out of Jefferson Medical College or Thomas Jefferson University. This will yield some false hits (e.g., Jefferson, AR) but will anticipate the many ways that Jefferson-affiliated researchers list their addresses. Note: to be even more thorough include 19107 (the main campus zip code), Kimmel Cancer Center or Rothman Institute for those Jefferson researchers who omit the word Jefferson from their addresses.

Search Strategy - Ovid Databases

  1. Log into Ovid and select one or more databases (Jefferson Campus Key required).
  2. Choose the icon for Search Fields.
  3. Enter Jefferson affiliation terms as noted above, then checkmark the Institution field and choose Perform Search.
  4. Note that this search will bring up some false hits (e.g., Jefferson, AR).
  5. Continue to refine search, if desired, with topical terms or author names.

Search Strategy - PubMed

  1. Enter the following search statement in PubMed, copying punctuation exactly:

    "thomas jefferson university"[Affiliation] OR "jefferson medical college"[Affiliation] OR "sidney kimmel medical college"[ Affiliation] OR ("kimmel cancer"[Affiliation] AND (philadelphia[Affiliation] OR 19107[Affiliation])) OR "thomas jefferson university hospital"[Affiliation] OR ("methodist hospital"[Affiliation] AND 19148[Affiliation]) OR "jefferson hospital for neuroscience"[Affiliation] OR "jefferson school of health professions"[Affiliation] OR "jefferson school of pharmacy"[Affiliation] OR "jefferson school of nursing"[Affiliation] OR "jefferson graduate school of biomedical sciences"[Affiliation]

    OR just use our automated version.

  2. Continue to refine search, if desired, with topical terms or author names.
Search Strategy: Scopus
  1. Open the database Scopus, and click on the Advanced Search tab.
  2. Because of the variety of ways Jefferson authors list their institution, a broad search of Jefferson in the institutional name, linked with a location like zip code or city. Type into the search box and click Search:

    AFFILORG(jefferson) AND (AFFIL(19107) OR AFFILCITY(philadelphia))

  3. If you want to be even more thorough and find those authors who list Rothman Institute or Kimmel Cancer without mentioning Jefferson, you should also search as follows:

    (AFFILORG(kimmel cancer) AND AFFILCITY(philadelphia)

    AFFILORG(rothman institute)

  4. Remember to OR your search sets together. Click the Search button, scroll to the bottom of the screen. You should see a history of your search statements. Type the appropriate search set numbers into the search box, e.g., #1 OR #2 or #3