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Scott Memorial Library
1020 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

AISR Support for Faculty Publishing

Scott Library Supports Electronic Dissertations

Jefferson Dissertations in the Jefferson Digital Commons

Scott Library has traditionally housed the PhD dissertations produced by Jefferson doctoral candidates in its print collections, and Jefferson's College of Graduate Studies has submitted printed dissertations to ProQuest/UMI's Dissertation Abstracts International for indexing, storage and dissemination. Now, the Jefferson Digital Commons also displays previews of the dissertations that have been submitted to ProQuest/UMI from 1996 forward.

Free previews consist of the first 24 pages of the dissertation. Readers must pay ProQuest/UMI for a copy if they want to read the full dissertation.

Dissertations are stored as PDF files. Typically deposited in Word or other common word-processing formats, ProQuest/UMI converts them to PDF for long-term storage. Within the Commons, the preview text of dissertations is searchable by keyword and descriptive metadata supplied by the authors. Previews that appear in the Commons are also indexed by Google Scholar and other major search services.

All Dissertations at ProQuest/UMI

ProQuest/UMI now accepts dissertation deposits in electronic form.

ProQuest/UMI's database of dissertations from ALL schools (Dissertation Express) is free to search and allows you to buy individual dissertations, but does not offer previews prior to ordering.

Search for Jefferson Dissertations

To request a search for older dissertations or dissertations from other schools, contact the Reference Department at 215-503-8150 or order your search online.

How to Submit a Dissertation Electronically

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