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Trends in Journal Pricing

Journal subscription costs, especially in the scientific, technical, and medical fields, are creating a crisis among academic libraries.

Average increase in subscription costs for print journals, 1992-2003
(Based on the combined increase of journal subscriptions in the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Medicine, Psychology and Sociology & Anthropology.)

Increase in subscription costs for print journals by discipline, 1992-2002
(Data from the U.S. Periodical Price Index, 1992 & 2002.)

Discipline 1992 2002 % Increase

Biology $471.00 $1,097.00 191%
Chemistry $736.00 $2,143.00 133%
Medicine $267.01 $789.44 196%
Psychology $145.22 $387.15 167%
Sociology & Anthropology $91.19 $217.37 138%
Average $342.08 $926.73 171%

Increase in subscription costs for print journals by discipline, 1992-2002

For questions regarding trends in journal pricing, please contact Edward Tawyea, Director of AISR and University Librarian, at 215-503-8848 or

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