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Professionalism at Jefferson Medical College

Jefferson Medical College First and Second Year Students

Professionalism at JMC: Students

JMC First and Second Years
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JMC Third and Fourth Years
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Prospective Students

Contact Information for JMC Student PCC

Current Faculty & Students have additional resources on Pulse (requires login)

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This site is meant to serve as guidance to first and second year JMC students for matters relating to professional behavior. In these preclinical years, this translates largely into academic honesty and integrity, but also into professionalism in attire and in interaction with patients, whether in Grand Rounds, in clinical skills sessions, or in experiences on the floors.

The Student PCC exists as a resource for any questions or concerns regarding professionalism, and the goal of this site is to provide information to help you learn of the various options available to allow you to voice your concerns.

Preclinical Years

In addition to the Student PCC, students in the first two years have several other resources available to them, including the Course Directors and Course Liasons. Contact information for these individuals can be found in the Course Contacts section.

For more on each rotation, see the Course Contacts link in the sidebar to the right.


The Student PCC has made available a variety of resources to help guide in case you have a concern and are unsure of how to handle it.

  1. Sample Cases - Available in Pulse
    The PCC has provided sample cases based on real cases that have come to our attention. In each of the scenarios presented, you will find several questions to guide your thinking about the scenario as well as a resolution of how the Student PCC handled the case. If you can’t find a situation similar to the concern you may have, please refer to the other resources below or contact the Student PCC directly.
  2. How to Raise a Concern
    If you have a concern about professionalism or have witnessed unprofessional behavior, there are various options available to you. Please visit the link above to learn about these options. Again, if this does not seem to apply to your concern, feel free to contact the Student PCC directly.
  3. Faculty Complaints: Coming Soon!
    The Student PCC understands, that due to grading issues, complaints about faculty professionalism are not always easy to follow up on. When this section is completed, JMC students will be able to complete an online form regarding an incident involving a faculty member and then submit the form (anonymously, if preferred) directly to both the Student PCC and the Faculty PCC.

Contact Your Student PCC

If you continue to have concerns or are uncertain of what to do, please feel free to contact any member of the PCC or the Student PCC as a whole. Every effort is made to respond quickly and efficiently.