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Professionalism at Jefferson Medical College

Professionalism at JMC: Students

JMC First and Second Years
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   How to Raise a Concern
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JMC Third and Fourth Years
   Course Contacts - Clinical
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Prospective Students

Contact Information for JMC Student PCC

Current Faculty & Students have additional resources on Pulse (requires login)

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The Student Professional Conduct Committee’s Role on Campus

The Student PCC serves the Jefferson community in two ways:

  • Proactive - The Student PCC promotes the honor code, a code it originally led the students to create in 2004. It holds discussions about professionalism in both the preclinical and clinical years. Because Jefferson’s shared professional values are an integral part of our community and not just about examinations or clinical interactions, the Student PCC seeks to raise the level of discourse regarding professionalism whenever possible.
  • Reactive - The Student PCC is the first step in the judicial process of matters concerning professional conduct on the part of students enrolled in medical college. The Student PCC serves as a fact-finding body that follows up on cases of reported unprofessional behavior, and if necessary, will recommend further investigation by the Judicial Review Board. The organization, when necessary, serves as student advocates and as a mediator between administrators and students.

Who is the Student PCC?

In accordance with its Bylaws, the Student PCC is composed of twenty students, five from each class. For more information on how to get involved or, if you have questions, please feel free to contact a PCC member.

Pathway of Response:

If you witness unprofessional conduct or have a question about something you have observed we urge you to approach any of the following or any combination of the following people and to have a discussion about it with -

  • the Student(s) involved, or
  • a Student PCC member, or
  • the Course/Clerkship Director, or
  • your Student Affairs Dean

For specific contact information, visit the Response Pathway sites for the preclinical and/or the clinical years. Sample cases are available in the Jefferson Professionalism organization in Pulse.

Contact Your Student PCC

If you continue to have concerns or are uncertain of what to do, please feel free to contact any member of the PCC or the Student PCC as a whole. Every effort is made to respond quickly and efficiently.

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