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Professionalism at Jefferson Medical College

Course Contacts for the Clinical Years

Professionalism at JMC: Students

JMC First and Second Years
   Course Contacts - Preclinical
   How to Raise a Concern
   Get Involved

JMC Third and Fourth Years
   Course Contacts - Clinical
   How to Raise a Concern

   Shared Code of Professional Values
   Honor Code
   PCC Bylaws

Prospective Students

Contact Information for JMC Student PCC

Current Faculty & Students have additional resources on Pulse (requires login)

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Third Year Students

Contact information for the 3rd year core curriculum is available below; more specific contact information for each rotation can be found on the Course sites in Pulse or at Orientation) -- all the courses have Clerkship Directors at Jefferson and 3rd Year Liaisons that are available for clerkship professionalism concerns. If you remain unsure of whom to contact for your particular concern, please contact the Student PCC.

  1. Internal Medicine
    1. Clerkship Director: Dr. Gretchen Diemer (
    2. 3rd Year Liaisons:
      1. Rebecca Chiffer (
      2. David Goldberg (
  2. Surgery
    1. Clerkship Director: Dr. Gerald Isenberg (
    2. 3rd Year Liaisons:
      1. Sean Devitt (
      2. John Berry (
      3. Tyler Grenda (
      4. Joseph Petfield (
  3. OB/Gyn
    1. Clerkship Director: Dr. Abigail Wolf (
    2. 3rd Year Liaisons:
      1. Alison Witkin (
      2. Melissa Nappi (
  4. Family Medicine
    1. Clerkship Director: Dr. Fred Markham (
    2. 3rd Year Liaisons:
      1. Harriet Eldredge (
      2. Kendra Klein (
  5. Pediatrics
    1. Clerkship Director: Dr. J. Lindsay Lane (
    2. 3rd Year Liaisons:
      1. Kristen Reese (
      2. Victoria Addis (
  6. Psychiatry
    1. Clerkship Director: Dr. Mitchell Cohen (
    2. 3rd Year Liaisons:
      1. Shannon Bailey (
      2. Joshua Peck (

Fourth Year Students

Due to the large number of courses available to fourth year students, there are many venues through which to raise concerns -- orientation to each clerkship provides key contact information regarding staff. Below you can find the contact information for 4th year liaisons -- if you are still unsure of whom to contact, contact the Student PCC.

  1. Internal Medicine
    1. Christopher Henry (
    2. Stephanie Boswell (
  2. Surgery
    1. Laura Rosenberg (
  3. OB/Gyn
    1. Sarah Wallett (
  4. Family Medicine
    1. Victoria Mead (
    2. Lori Pandya (
  5. Pediatrics
    1. Marylee Dilling (
  6. Psychiatry
    1. Alexandra Sawicki (

Contact Your Student PCC

If you continue to have concerns or are uncertain of what to do, please feel free to contact any member of the PCC or the Student PCC as a whole. Every effort is made to respond quickly and efficiently.

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