External Links and Tools

To round out the buttons on the left side of the course webpage, we have the External Links button that will bring you to a page that looks like this example from the medical informatics webpage.

What is "External Links?"

  • External Links is basically a place where instructors can post links to other websites or Internet resources that may be of interest to students.

What does the "Tools" button do?

  • The Tools button brings you to a list of features, many of which can be found on the welcome page under the “Tools” box. Things such as Calendar, Tasks, and Address Book are the same as those found on the welcome page and are explained in that portion of this tutorial.

The Faculty or Staff Information section allows instructors to post information about themselves for visitors to view, but what about the students? Well, you too can get your own space to let faculty and students know who you are and what you’re about by making your own webpage.

How do I set up my Pulse homepage?

  • To do this, click on the Edit Your Homepage link, which should be listed among the various “Tools” after clicking the Tools button at left.
  • Fill in the boxes with your message, personal information, upload a picture if you have one, and fill in favorite sites if you want and then get your webpage in gear by clicking the Submit button at the bottom of that page.

To view a student homepage, go to the course roster and click on the student's name to view their homepage.

For some courses you will have a feature on the “Tools” page called the Digital Drop Box (not pictured in the example). It may be used to submit files for the course. An instructor may ask you to submit an assignment through this feature, so it is good to know it exists.

How to I submit a file to the "Digital Drop Box?"

  • To submit a file to the Digital Drop Box, click on it and click Send File. This will bring you to a screen where you can fill in the title of the file or project, the file name with its destination, and any comments you want to pass along with the file.

A Tip:

If you are not exactly sure of the file name and/or where the file is located, don’t worry, just click on the browse button to the right of the “File” box to get a directory tree where you can navigate through the files on your computer to find the file you want. If the file is on a floppy disk or CD you want to make sure that the correct drive is selected, or else your searching will be fruitless.

When you find the appropriate file, just click on it to select it and click OK (OPEN on Mac) or, depending on your operating system, you may be able to just double click the desired file. Either way, you will be brought back to the screen you were on and the “File” box will be filled in with the correct location of the file to be submitted. When you are done filling out the rest of the page with a comment if you have one click on Submit to send your file. This may take a few moments as the file is copied from your computer to the course website.

What does "Personal Information" do?

  • Personal Information is where you can change your password (which can also be done through the link on the welcome page as discussed in the beginning of this tutorial “Getting down to business…Logging in”). You can also change what information will be available in the directory for others to view.

Let me take a moment to clarify how your information is kept at Jefferson (THIS IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND). Through the Banner Web program (which you can access through the welcome page under “Quick Links”) your contact information for the university can be changed. You only want to do this if you have moved or if the contact information is incorrect. The address and contact information in Banner Web is the information the university (administration) needs to contact you. This means that if you delete this information, the college will not be able to send you grades, financial aid information, and other correspondence. It is VITAL that you have this information entered and accurate. If you don’t want some of your information available/displayed to others as in the online directory contact the Registrar’s office or make a Request through Banner Web DON’T DELETE YOUR INFORMATION IN BANNER.

How do I change my "Personal Information" settings?

  • Let's say you don’t want all of your personal contact information displayed your user profile in the user directory. Note that this is different than the Jefferson online directory; this is the information available next to your name in the course roster. Under Personal Information, click on Set Privacy Options. From there, you will be able to select the information you want available for display to others. Click Submit to make the changes.

What is the "View Grades" feature?

  • Note that this feature only works when instructors enter your grades online. If your instructor decides not to use this feature, it will be blank. Note, also, that the grades may be displayed without reference to the appropriate weight or percentage of your grade. Always check your syllabus or with the instructor for interpretation of grades.

I thought this was a student manual, what is the "Student Manual" feature?

  • Student Manual is a link for those who don’t like this tutorial. It is a manual for using the course website system Blackboard™.

The Bare Bones

--External Links is where an instructor can post links to other websites that might be of interest

--Students have a homepage that they can edit. Use the Edit Your Homepage link.

--The Digital Drop Box is an option on the "Tools" page. It allows you to upload files to the course website.

--Through the Personal Information link you can alter the information available in your user directory profile. You can also change your passsword. Be sure to read the clarification in bold on this page.