Announcements Page

Notice that we are still under the "My Pulse" tab at the top of the page (we know this because the tab is in white). This page allows you to look at system announcements for the courses in which you are enrolled.

Shortly after you register for a course, the instructor will add you to the course website. Once registered or, in Pulse terminology, “enrolled” in a course, the announcements posted by the instructor that day will appear in your announcements box on the main page. Older messages can be seen in this "Announcements" page.

What if I don't want to view all the announcements?

  • There are several ways to view the announcements. Perhaps the easiest way is to click on the tabs above date line such as view today, view last 7 days, view last 30 days, or view all.
Each tab will take you to a new screen listing the announcements according to the category of the tab. The announcements start with the date, the course name or number, and the title of the announcement. Under this you will find the details of the announcement.
  • If you think this is too cluttered, you can opt to view announcements for an individual course or organization by clicking on the up/down arrow to the right of the box in the upper right quadrant of the screen (currently displaying Show All) and select the desired course or organization’s announcements you wish to view. Now that we are done here, click on the My Pulse tab at the top of the page or the back button on your browser to get back to the Welcome screen.

The Bare Bones

--The Announcements page lists announcements posted by the instructors of the courses you are enrolled.

--Use the tabs above the announcements to display announcements by when they were posted.

--You may also filter announcements by changing the selection in the drop-down menu from "Show All" to the desired course/ organization.