Address Book

Making Contacts... Using the Address Book

Let’s say that you know or met an important person and you want to keep track of their contact information. Are you going to keep it permanently on the scrap paper on your desk? If you want something a little more organized, Pulse has your answer in the form of the Address Book. Just click on Address Book, the second to last link in the “Tools” box of the welcome page. It should bring us to a page that looks like this:

How can I search for an entry?

  • You can search for your contacts by Last Name or Email address by selecting the appropriate one under the search box.
  • You can type in the last name or email of the person you are searching for or you can click on the A-Z, 0-9 tab to get an alphabetical listing.

Why aren't there any listings in my address book?

  • If this is your first time using the address book, there won’t be any listings to search. First, you need to add some contacts. To do this, click on the Add Contact bar (see arrow in example above). This will bring you to a screen where you can fill in the appropriate information. Don’t worry about filling in every box; just fill in what you know and click Submit. Now you can search for their entry in your address book. Go ahead, add friends, family, colleagues, classmates—once entered you can look up their contact information from any computer you can access Pulse!

Click the My Pulse tab at the top left of the page to get back to the Welcome screen.

The Bare Bones

--Address Book is a link in the "Tools" box on the Welcome Page.

--You can search by last name or Email by adjusting the settings beneath the search box.

--To search listings alphabetically, click on the A-Z, O-9 tab above the search box.

--If you are using the address book for the first time it will be empty. To add addresses click on the Add Contacts button.