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AISR Education Services: Papers, Presentations and Special Projects

Session Title

Medical Informatics: Distance Learning at Thomas Jefferson University

Presenter's Biographical Information

Daniel Kipnis is the Education Services librarian at Thomas Jefferson University. He received his Master of Science in Information from the School of Information from the University of Michigan. He teaches workshops, offers orientations to new students, participates in staff development and produces promotional and instructional materials for the Scott Memorial Library.

Description of session

Over the past five years distance learning via the Internet has grown in popularity. As a result of this increase in demand for distance learning, Thomas Jefferson University has embraced the opportunity to introduce new software that allows students and faculty to engage in a unique learning experience.

AISR (Academic Information Services and Research) at Thomas Jefferson has introduced CourseInfo@JEFFLINE. CourseInfo@JEFFLINE our customized website using Blackboard's CourseInfo product. This software program allows faculty to decide how much of their course they want to enable online. Students have access to voice annotated lecture notes, can participate in course discussions, access readings, case studies, tutorials, take quizzes and access grades. Moreover, faculty have access to statistics on who has accessed course information. Since time spent with content is almost always directly related to performance, checking who has accessed what information helps with evaluating individual student effort. Course Info is designed to keep students actively involved with course content and helps professors manage course materials, foster class communication and offer a dynamic method to continue the learning process.

This presentation will demonstrate how AISR has designed a Medical Informatics class using CourseInfo. I will discuss the format of the course. In addition, I plan to show examples of quizzes and tracking statistics of students. I plan to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the software program and offer suggestions as to the emerging possibilities with teaching online.

Objective of session

The objective of the presentation is to demonstrate a unique format for teaching a medical informatics class at the university level. Attendees will learn of new methods in teaching online courses and understand the trade-offs in the development of customized online courses.