Incorporating MultiMedia in your Web Documents

Building MultiMedia into your web documents is very much like building links to other pages. The same code structure is used for linking to images, sounds and movies.

You can link to an image, sound or movie using the following URL structure:

<A HREF="image.gif">Image example</A> in same directory as .html file


<A HREF="">OAC Header</A> if the file is in another directory, or on another machine.

Sounds and movies are linked to in the same manner:

<A HREF="">Sound Example</A>
<A HREF="">Movie Example</A>

See the similarities with the other link commands you already know?

In-Line Images

In-line image is the term given to those images that get displayed along with the text in WWW documents. There is a new command to learn for this, but it's structure is similar to the others you've learned.

<IMG SRC="image.gif">

IMG SRC stands for image source. When the image file (gif or jpg) is in the same directory as the .html file, you do not have to include the full URL. If, however, the image is not in the same directory, you would use:

<IMG SRC="">Parrots!

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