Learning Objectives

This week-long institute is designed for middle school and high school teachers of mathematics and science. The institute introduces the concept of the Internet, provides models for the use of networked resources in teaching, and guides teachers in the development of a computer-based learning module. Internet resources for teaching/learning science and math will be reviewed. Workshop and demonstration sessions will present effective design techniques for online learning materials. Hands-on laboratory time will lead to the development of an on-line lesson.


  1. Understand and define 10 or more terms associated with the Internet and World Wide Web.
  2. Interpret URLs and be able to adjust URLs to appropriately retrieve Internet information.
  3. Navigate the Internet and manage information using Netscape software, including history and bookmarks.
  4. Locate information and instructional materials for math and science education using several Internet "resource discovery tools," including meta-sites and search engines and directories.
  5. Select, use, cite, and incorporate Internet resources into teaching/learning according to current copyright and other recognized guidelines and practices.
Effective use of Technologies
  1. Develop logical menu systems that are easy to remember.
  2. Understand and use the following Design Goals in their web pages:
    • Ease of Use
    • Demonstration
    • Depth
    • Simplicty
Effective Screen Design
  1. Identify the appropriate uses of type in Web-based presentations.
  2. Identify the most appropriate file type for displaying images in a Web-based presentation.
  3. Choose effective color schemes for their Web-based presentations.
HTML/Web Terminology/Basic Codes
  1. Identify five critical elements for each HTML document.
  2. Identify at least four HTML tags for formatting text.
  3. Identify the HTML codes to create links between HTML documents.
  4. Identify the HTML codes to include multimedia in HTML documents.
  5. Identify the HTML code to include 'mailto' functions in HTML documents.
HTML Advanced Codes
  1. Identify at least 4 HTML commands for placing text & images within HTML documents.
  2. Identify the HTML codes to create tables within their HTML documents.
  3. Identify the HTML codes for changing the color of text within HTML documents.
  4. Identify the HTML codes for changing the color of hyperlinks within HTML documents.
  5. Identify the HTML codes used in changing the background using colors or images.

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