Science & Math Site Sampler

Prepared at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA
Sharon A. Lezotte, MHE, MLIS
Elizabeth R. Warner, MSLS, AHIP
August 1996

Main Bookmarks

Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway
Access to hundreds of sites for math and the sciences, including "science museums and exhibits," "ethics in science," and "pseudoscience."

Math Sites

Mathematics Archives WWW Server (U Tennessee--Knoxville)
Award-winning meta-site.
Welcome to MegaMath! (U Idaho)
The Teacher's Page of Mathematics (U Toronto)
Meta-site for math teachers
Math Forum Home Page (Swarthmore)
The Geometry Center Welcome Page ( U Minnesota)
Calculus&Mathematica Home Page (U Illinois; Ohio State)
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics

Science Sites

The Biology Place: where the Web goes to work for your general biology course
Fee for service!
Access Excellence--A Place in Cyberspace for Biology Teaching & Learning (Genentech)
National Science Teachers Association Home Page
Teachers Page of Science Resources (U Alberta)
CNN - Mars: Life Signs? - Aug. 6, 1996
Chemistry Teaching Resources
Meta-list from Umea University, Analytical Chemistry Dept., Sweden
Whole Frog Project--3D visualization
Virtual Earthquake (Cal State U)
Introduces the fundamental concepts of seismology.
Virtual FlyLab (Cal State U)
Genetics inheritance experiment online.
Hubble Space Telescope Electronic Information Service
JASON Project
ChemLinks Introduction
Cooperative curriculum development project to improve undergraduate chemistry education.
UC Museum of Paleontology Public Exhibits

Internet for Education: Background reading

NetLearning: Why Teachers Use the Internet
Connections+Lesson Plans
Lesson plans, activities, curriculum resources--linked to standards and benchmarks.
Global SchoolNet Foundation Home Page
Welcome to AskERIC

If you've finished your work...

Bamdad's Math Comics
Ask Dr. Science

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