Blackboard Bulletin: Assignment Item

By: Chris Braster

For those of you who have used the Digital Dropbox, the Assignment Item takes it one step further, by communicating with the Gradebook. The following screenshots walk you through: the setup of an Assignment Item; the view of a student as they complete the assignment; how the instructor retrieves and grades the assignment; and then, finally, how the student retrieves the results.

Create the Assignment Item

After accessing your course, go to the Control Panel and then the section of the course you want to create the assignment in (i.e. Assignments). Select Assignment from the pull-down to the right and click Go.

Below is the view you get when creating an assignment item.

In section 1, you give the assignment a name, a point value (if any), and add instructions.

In section 2, you can upload files for the student to download. An example might be a sample paper or additional instructions. This is optional.

And finally, section 3 is the same as all other item types: you can assign time and date restrictions, turn the item on and off, and track the items views.

Our assignment item has now been added and made available to the students.

Student Completes the Assignment

Lets see what this assignment item looks like to a student…

When the student clicks on the View/Complete Assignment: Term Paper link, they get the following screen:

The student can send any comments they have directly to the instructor here. They can also attach files from their computer and either save them (only the student has access and they can return to modify the item before submitting it at a later date) or submit them (once submitted to the instructor the student cannot return to edit it). In our term paper scenario, the student would select the file on their computer and then save or submit it to the instructor.

Any files and comments exchanged here are private between the individual student and the instructor. Students cannot access the files and comments submitted by another student.

Once a student has submitted a file to the instructor, the instructor needs to access it and give the student comments and/or a grade.

Retrieve and Grade Assignments

First the instructor needs to navigate to the Gradebook within the Control Panel. There they will see an exclamation point (!) for the students' grade in the column for this assignment.

Click on the exclamation point to access the students' submission. The resulting screen gives some preliminary data, such as any comments the student has sent. Clicking the View button will give the instructor access to the file(s) that have been submitted by the student.

Notice the two areas highlighted below. In the red square is the paper submitted by the student. Clicking on the link will open (or download) the file. In the red circle is where you would give the student a grade for their assignment. The instructor can also give comments and/or attach a file to send back to the student. Finally, in section 4, the instructor can make some private notes for themselves that aren't shared with the student.

I've assigned the student a 44 out of 50 and given them some comments.

Student Retrieves Score

The student can now go to Tools -> My Grades to see their score.

When the student clicks on their score, they can see any comments and/or files the instructor might have sent them.

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