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Customize Your Pulse Homepage

Jefferson's Intranet, Pulse, runs on the Blackboard course management system. Though designed to support university courses and campus organizations, there are ways you can customize the homepage to better meet your needs. Follow the steps below to design your own Pulse homepage.

Log into Pulse

Modules are boxes that occupy the middle and right side columns of your My Pulse page. Some are optional and some are required.

Each module has one or more control buttons:

  • Click to minimize the module, i.e., collapse the content but leave the module title in place. All modules have this control button.
  • Click to maximize a module that has been minimized.
  • Click to remove an optional module (such as 'Local Weather') from your My Pulse page.
  • Click to edit the content or function of some modules.
  • Click to detach some modules so that they remain in a separate pop-up window in your browser.
You can add different content modules and remove those that you do not need. Click on the button on the top right labeled "Modify Content".

Select Content

Check the boxes representing the content module you want to include on your homepage. Depending on your role at Jefferson, some modules are required. These have a red checkmark.

Scroll down through the list and click on the "Submit" button when you are done.

Modify Layout

Now, click on the "Modify Layout" button, it's next to the "Modify Content" button.

  • The up/down arrows let you decide the order of each module in the column.
  • The left/right arrows let you decide which column the module is in.
  • You can also customize the general color scheme of your Pulse homepage.
When you are finished making your changes, click on the "Submit" button.