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CTL Training Sessions

CTL offers live and on-demand training sessions open to all Jefferson faculty, staff and students, in educational technology, information searching skills, and other teaching & learning areas.

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We offer workshops to get you started with Blackboard Learn, the course management system used at Jefferson.

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If you would like to request an Academic Research and Library Tools training session, please contact Dan Kipnis at 215-503-2825 or

Vernal Equinox Update on Scholarly Resources
Spring is a great time to think about future course planning and summer research goals. The librarians of Gutman Library will be hosting a round robin discussion of various new library resources and changes to services in the new enterprise. Question of all types are welcome as we sojourn across the nexus learning possibilities using library resources. After a group question and answer period, light refreshments will be served allowing one-on-one time with your friendly librarians to plan future collaborations.

At the end of this session, participants should be able to:
1) Understand new database interfaces
2) Identify changes to available resources
3) Liaise with librarians for scheduling for the fall semester

Bibliographic Management: Introduction to Mendeley
Mendeley is an online bibliographic management tool that allows users to manage references, read and annotate PDFs, collaborate in groups and network with researchers from all over the world. With over 390 million user documents, over 2 million members and 225,000 research groups the Mendeley tool will continue to grow with their recent purchase by Elsevier.

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Bibliographic Management: Introduction to RefWorks
Stop typing your bibliographies. Sign-up for this workshop to acquaint yourself with how to use RefWorks for the first time. More than 6,400 Jeffersonians use RefWorks, a web-based database and bibliography creation program, available from Scott Library. Learn to create, organize, and access personal databases of bibliographic citations. Save time and let RefWorks format your bibliography for you. We'll show you how to use Refworks to import, export, search, and format citations, and use RefShare to collaborate and share databases with your colleagues.

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Conducting Research with Knowledge-Based Databases, Search Engines and Managing Your Citations with RefWorks 2.0
This 3-hour workshop will cover PubMed, Scopus, Google and Google Scholar and how to use RefWorks 2.0 to manage your citations for publication. This workshop is designed for all Jefferson researchers. We’ll move from introductory concepts to more advanced search techniques. If you need to organize citations and aim to expedite your research output this workshop will help.

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e-books at Jefferson
Learn about trends in scholarly publishing, how to use the growing collection of e-books available from Scott Library and how to integrate e-books into Blackboard Learn.

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Finding Health Information for Your Patients
Patients are armed with a plethora of medical information from the Internet. This consultation will guide you to trusted websites for your patients.

This session can be catered to specific departments.

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Finding Quality Images
The Scott Memorial Library offers many databases that offer images for presentations. Among the collections that will be examined: UpToDate, AccessMedicine, PHDIL, Jefferson Clinical Image Database and open access resources from the National Library of Medicine. Stop wasting time searching Google images and use the many high quality online resources offered by the Scott Memorial Library.

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Introduction to Google Forms
Are you trying to gather feedback from users and want to use email to gather responses? This workshop will introduce Google forms for creating quick and easy online surveys and questionnaires. Build surveys using multiple-choice, text, checkboxes, lists or scales. You will create a form and view how results are displayed. Google forms is part of google docs, the free web-based program that also includes word processing, spreadsheets and presentation templates. This workshop will focus on forms.

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Introduction to OVIDSP
This workshop is designed for all Jeffersonians with little or no experience searching the new MEDLINE database using OVIDSP. This hands-on workshop will introduce participants to the MEDLINE database structure and content.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • How to access the database
  • Personal accounts and workspace
  • What is MeSH?
  • What is a Scope Note?
  • How does the Explode feature work in OVID?
  • Explode versus Focus
  • How to limit searches
  • How to save, print and email citations
  • Find Similar feature
  • Find Citing Articles feature
  • Find New Citation feature

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Professional PubMed Searching
Learn to search MEDLINE through PubMed, the National Library of Medicine's Entrez search engine. This class focuses on using Linkout (links to over 5,300 full-text SML electronic journals), My NCBI (store and retrieve search strategies and establish search filters), Clipboard, Limit, and History features of PubMed. In addition, learn to set-up collection lists to permanently save lists of citations.

This workshop will cover:

  • Limits
  • Journal browser
  • MeSH browser
  • Single citation matcher
  • Truncation
  • Search field tags
  • Journals Databases
  • Natural language searching
  • Clinical Queries using research methodology filters
  • Creating search filters

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RSS Workshop - Manage your information intake
Are you overwhelmed by the task of keeping up to date? Work smarter and be more productive by using RSS, a Web standard, to consolidate journal table of contents alerts, news headlines, Septa outages and more in one place. In this workshop Jeffersonians will create and customize their own Newsblur account.

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Take Advantage of the Jefferson Digital Commons for Shameless Self-Promotion
It's a win-win academic opportunity--promote your Jefferson research and publishing efforts to the world by participating in the Jefferson Digital Commons (JDC). The JDC increases your visibility. With over 7,700 different archived full-text resources including academic articles, posters, preprints, videos, images, teaching materials and newsletters you get permanent public space for all types of files AND your work is indexed by search engines like Google. Receive monthly alerts notifying you how many times your works have been downloaded. Create a faculty researcher page. Use the JDC as a university press and publish your department newsletters or create a new journal. Learn how the JDC complements Xythos and the Faculty Interests Database. The JDC is free to all Jeffersonians.

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Twitter for Beginners
Politicians, celebrities, educators and organizations are tweeting. Join us to learn about Twitter. You will create an account, learn to tweet, Twitter etiquette, and how tweeting can help strengthen your course, organization, or department community. Follow [Scott Memorial Library]

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Using Scopus & Internet Search Engines Effectively
Tired of getting millions of results when you search Google? Novice users enter their search topic into the default search engine of choice (usually Google). But, did you know that you can significantly increase the chances you'll find what you're looking for by knowing some of tricks of the searching trade? Your librarians will show you how to change your simple searches to successful power searches. This workshop will also discuss Google Scholar and citation analysis.

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If you would like to request a Instructional Technology training session, please contact Kathy Day at 215-503-4991 or

Adobe Acrobat Basics
Use Adobe Acrobat to create interactive teaching materials by assembling PowerPoint presentations, existing PDFs, web pages, photos and illustrations into a single Acrobat file.

Topics include:

  • converting to PDF
  • editing PDFs
  • adding interactivity including bookmarks, links, buttons and media clips

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Adobe Acrobat: Forms
Need an evaluation tool or a registration form? Learn to convert your MS Word document into a digital form that can be emailed or posted on the web.

In this workshop you will:

  • complete a form in MS Word
  • convert the form to an Adobe acrobat file
  • insert text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, select menus, list boxes
  • save and distribute the form
  • compile completed forms

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Creating and Preparing Charts for Publication
Creating charts for publication is a snap with Microsoft Excel. The graphing and formatting of Excel make it a quick and easy solution for many types of data display. We’ll look at optimizing your format in Excel for easy placement into PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Participants should already possess the skills to work with data in Excel.

During this workshop we will:

  • Create various types of graphs including: bar charts, x-y plots, scatter plots
  • Manipulate formatting to gain adequate resolution
  • Add a chart to MS PowerPoint for automatic updating
  • Copy and manipulate a chart in Photoshop that satisfies publishers’ requirements

By Request Only

Intermediate Photoshop Objectives
This workshop is a continuation of Photoshop Basics offering a more in-depth exploration of this application’s functions. Topics include: Automate functions, History Palette, Layers, layout and preparing images for use in MS Office applications. Due to the limited number of site licenses for this program, participants will do hands-on work in small groups. It is highly advised that Participants have an understanding of Photoshop or have attended the Photoshop Basics workshop to attend this workshop.

This workshop will review the following topics:
• Using Automate functions to:
Batch rename image files
Create contact sheets
Record and use Actions for repetitive tasks
• Using the History palette to undo selective changes
• Inserting guides and grids for layout
• Utilizing layers

By Request Only

Want to create a digital image collection for teaching and publishing? This hands-on workshop covers each step of the process - from digitizing images to managing files for all possible output types. We'll use Adobe Photoshop on the Windows operating system.

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Photoshop Basics for Teaching and Publication
This workshop will focus on the steps involved with manipulating digital images for teaching and publishing. Participants will be shown each step of the process—from digitizing images to managing files for all possible output types. Due to the limited number of site licenses for this program, participants will do hands-on work in small groups.

This workshop will review the following topics:
• Differences in image requirement for print and display
• Settings for adjusting image resolution
• Cropping and resizing images
• Manipulating color including modes and saturation
• Applying labels to images
• Saving images in different file formats

By Request Only


    Training dates will be posted soon.


    Training dates will be posted soon.


Evidence-Based Medicine Tutorial
Learn how to get to the heart of an article, determine if it's useful and apply it to patient care.

Copyright & Fair Use Guidelines
This workshop will provide basic information about copyright and guidelines for classroom use of published materials. Fair use doctrine and its application in a university setting will also be addressed.