The Wonderful World of Organizations

So, at this point you’ve been through the Welcome page, courses. Now you'll explore how we view the web pages of, and get information on, the many organizations here at TJU.

To access the Organizations portion of Pulse, click on the Organizations tab at the top of the Pulse screen. It should be just to the right of the Courses tab. Lets look around at the Organization page.

On the left side of the page we have the “Organization Search” at the top where you can search for organizations by a keyword. For more searching options click advanced search under the keyword box.

What is the "Online Help Center?"

  • The Online Help Center link (see red arrow) will take you to the Jeff-IT Online Help Center where you can get answers to computing questions, information on computing policies etc.

Below the Online Help Center link, you have the TJU Commons logo. The Commons, as you may know, is the University's fitness center. Clicking the Commons Logo will bring you to information on their classes, policies, hours, and much more.

At the bottom of the left side of the page there is a Google ™ search box with an option of searching the Jefferson Website or the Web for a keyword you enter in the box.

On the right of the page there are a series of links. If you still have questions that aren’t answered in this wonderful, witty, and funny tutorial, click on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link and click through the list to see if one of them answers your question. There are also FAQs about the email system, Banner Web, Campus Key and more.

What's the deal with "Books For Sale?"

  • Because books are expensive, there is a link to the Books For Sale discussion board. This is a place where individuals can post information about books that they are looking to sell. It is completely independent of the bookstore—just students selling to students. To use this discussion board, click the Books For Sale link on the main Organizations page.

You should see just one entry, Books For Sale on the subsequent page, click that to move on to the listings. Now, depending on how many people have books for sale (usually a lot) you will find plenty of listings. In this example we'll choose Year 2 & Step 1 Books for Sale. Reading right across the page, the author of the message is Hsiung, Chih-Pin and it was posted on Sunday August 18th 2002 and 9:35pm (probably more information than we wanted to know). To view the listing just click on the title.

It turns out that this person listed several books in his/her message that seem reasonably priced, so I want to reply. I can do that by clicking on the Reply button in the bottom right of the message. The author’s email address is also often listed next to the author's name at the top of the message. The advantage to emailing them back is that you can insure that others do not see your reply. Replying to a discussion board will allow other people to see your reply, which is good when you are discussing a topic and you want your input to be seen (but sometimes not the best idea when you are discussing business). Other discussion boards work just like this one, with people posting ideas they want to sell you, not books.

How do I post a message on a discussion board?

  • To post your own message in a discussion board (like maybe you have books to sell), click on Add New Thread and type your message. If you want to see what your message will look like before submitting it, click Preview. When you’re done previewing, click the Back button and make changes as necessary. When you’re ready to post, click the Submit button.

A few more snazzy features of discussion boards can be made visible by clicking the Show Options tab on the right side of the screen. You can now click to the left of a posting to “select” it. When you do this, it allows you to apply one of the new options to the selected postings. They are pretty much self-explanatory.

The Bare Bones

--The Organizations tab give you access to the many organizations at TJU.

--To post to a discussion board, click Add New Thread.