Moving along in your exploration through Pulse you come to the Tasks option under the "Tools" box. "Tasks" has historically not been used often but can supplement the calendar program for listing important tasks to be completed. Using "Tasks" is very similar to the calendar.

How do I add tasks?

  • Click on Add Task and fill out the information on the subsequent screen to add a new task. The up/down arrow to the right of the box currently displaying All Tasks allows you to view specific categories of tasks.

If you want to change the priority of the task, just click on the symbol in the "Priority" column to change it from high priority to low priority to a little aqua square (which means no priority?). Under the "Status" column it should tell you where you stand in the completion of your task.

How do I "check off" a task?

  • By clicking on the "Status" (Not Started in this example), you can change the status to In Progress. Another click will change it to Completed. If you want to alter a task you created, click the Modify button at the end of the row of the task you wish to modify. Now that you know how to use the Tasks feature, go ahead and assign yourselves some tasks.

The Bare Bones

--To add a task click Add Task.

--Record your progress by clicking on the status under the "Status" column