Taking Tests

Taking Online Tests

Well, the time may come where you will have to take an exam online through a course webpage. It is actually pretty easy to do, but let’s go through it. For an example, let's use a pretest in the medical informatics course.

To get to the course from the Welcome page, click on the Courses tab. Under “Courses in which you are participating” select Medical Informatics. From the Medical Informatics webpage, click the Assignments button on the left side of the page. On the Assignments page click on the dreaded Quizzes folder, which will list the tests.

Click on a quiz, and a box pops up and asks if you want to take the assessment now. With some assessments you will be able to save your work and come back later. Other assessments will have to be done in one sitting and with a time restriction on when/how long you will have to complete the assessment. To begin the assessment, take a deep breath and click OK.

And you’re in! Most evaluations will be multiple choice (or multiple guess, depending on how much you know). When you have made up your mind on an answer choice, click the bubble to the left of the answer choice and continue down filling in the rest of the answers. When you hit the bottom, click Submit or OK. You may be asked in another pop up box if you are sure you want to submit your responses. If you’re sure of your answers, click OK and you’re done. Best of luck on all of your exams!

The Bare Bones

--Some assesments can be taken in parts and others must be taken all at once.