Organizations Continued

If you’re done looking at books, click the Organizations tab at the top of the page to get back to the Organizations main page.

Under the Books For Sale link is Classified Ads, which is a discussion board where people can post things for sale and things they are looking for—not unlike ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ ads in a newspaper.

The rest of the links on the right side of the page are discussion boards for the different colleges of TJU. These are general discussion boards; there are specific ones for your specific class year, course, or program, that may have more pertinent postings. Go ahead and check them out.

In the center of the page you should see “Organizations which you are managing” under this will be listed organizations you are in charge of or at least have administrator access to the organization’s website. Under that, you should see “Organizations in which you are participating” and a listing of the organizations in which you are a member. Now, you may be a member of an organization that is not listed there. Next we are going to go over how to enroll yourself in organizations that you may have been inadvertently omitted from or that you wish to join.

If you scroll down the Organization main page you will see Browse Organization Catalog. Click that to get to a page that looks like this. From here you can search by entering the organization name in the search box or by clicking the category of the organization you want. Click on the Student Organization category to be brought to a page with a listing of student organizations. Notice that each organization has a title with the “instructor(s)” listed below, which are usually the organization leaders. Some organizations include summary information about the organization below the “instructor(s).”

How do I enroll in an organization?

  • In this example below we have the African-American Student Society, Jefferson (JAASS) organization. To the right we have two buttons, Preview and Enroll. By clicking on Preview you will be able to view the JAASS website as a guest to see if you are interested in their organization. By clicking Enroll, you can enroll yourself in the organization and be listed as a member.

Notice how the Alpha Eta Honor Society (AEHC) only has a Preview button to the right of it. If we look in the description provided we see that AEHC is an Honor Society. AEHC is not open for self-enrollment.

Note that just because you enroll online does not make you a full member of the organization, it just lists you as a user of the organization website. Some organizations may require some sort of membership fee or mandatory participation to be part of the organization. That said, many organizations are open to new members and require nothing more than the initiative on your part of enrolling and participating.

As you scroll down the list of organizations under any category (particularly academic departments) you will see that they only have a preview option, or no options at all. This means that they are only open to members that have been given access by the coordinator of the organization. For example, you can’t be a member of an honor society if you don’t meet the qualifications. The leaders of the organization must decide if you are eligible to join. The same would go for the Anesthesiology webpage—if you aren’t an anesthesiologist, you can’t join. If you are not part of an organization that you feel you should be, contact the leaders of that organization.

While pages will vary from organization to organization, they work the same as the course pages. Click on the tabs on the left side to move between pages and explore the organization’s webpage.

The Bare Bones

--There are Classified Ads where 'sale' and 'wanted' ads are placed.

--If an organization of which you are not a member is not listed under "Organizations in which you are participating," then you might need to auto-enroll.

--To enroll yourself in an organization you should brows the organziation catalog for the desired organization and click Enroll.

--If Enroll is not an option then the organization may have restricted membership and you can only be added by the organizational leaders.