More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Course Pages

The Last two options under “Communication” are Roster and Group Pages.

How do you use the "Roster?"

  • The Roster feature will allow you to look up individuals who are enrolled in the course. Click the List All tab and click the button List All (shown below) to get an alphabetical list of students in the course or you can search by entering the last name, first letter of the last name (alphabetical search), or advanced search by clicking on the appropriate tab.

What are "Group Pages?"

  • Group Pages allows you to access pages for various groups within the course. It could be used if you were assigned to a particular group that could have specific pages for that group. For example, at right is a screenshot from the Medical Informatics webpage. Students have been broken up into groups and each group assigned to an instructor.

Dr. Frisby, Mr. Kipnis etc. are instructors and by clicking on their name the roster of group members will be displayed along with the option of entering a discussion group for that group and sending email to the members of that group.

Some course web pages will have a tab for Discussion Boards. Discussion boards are basically the same as Collaboration Sessions. So the following applies to the use of both of them. To enter a discussion board click on the Discussion Board tab. Then select the discussion board that you wish to enter. Click on Add New Thread to post a new topic for discussion or click on a current posting to read it and respond.

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The Bare Bones

--The Roster feature will allow you to look up the students enrolled in the course.

--Group Pages are used when the students are divided into groups and have specific web pages for the individual groups (see example on page). Often each group will have it's own roster.