Index and JEFFLINE

The Index, JEFFLINE, and Putting It All Together

The last two tabs at the top of Pulse are Index and JEFFLINE. The Index can be accessed through the Directories: Department, Email, Phone link in the “Quick Links” box on the welcome page and its use is discussed in this tutorial under ‘Links Within Links.’

JEFFLINE is the website for AISR, which includes Scott Memorial Library. You can search the library holdings, various databases, and read journals online through this useful Jefferson service. Tutorials on how to use JEFFLINE can be located on the left-hand side of the page under Help & Tutorials (see arrow).

Well, you have covered a lot of ground in this tutorial. Hopefully, you will have a good grasp on how the Pulse system works and how to use its basic features. Feel free to go to the index to jump around to specific topics that you may want to review.

If you have any further questions just go to the Scott Library Reference Desk (2nd floor) or one of the Learning Resources Centers (Scott, 3rd floor or Edison, 13th floor). The staff there will be happy to help you.

Enjoy using Jefferson Pulse and best of luck with your studies!

End of Tutorial

The Bare Bones

--JEFFLINE is the website for AISR, which includes the Scott Memorial Library.

--Help for using JEFFLINE can be found under Help & Tutorials on the JEFFLINE mainpage (see red arrow).