Logging In

Getting Down To Business... Logging In

So, now that you have seen the main page, let’s login and see what’s inside. Your campus key is a username assigned by Jefferson to identify you as a user and member of the Jefferson community. To login, you have to enter your campus key in the "Username" box and your password.

Do I know my Campus Key?

  • If you don’t know or forgot your campus key, no sweat, just click on Campus Key Lookup under the heading "Links" on the left-hand side of the page near the bottom. You will be asked to enter your last name and your Social Security Number to look up your campus key.

Once you have your campus key, you can click on the My Pulse tab at the top left of your screen to return you to the main page where you can fill in your campus key in the Username box and enter your password.

What's my Password?

  • If you’re new to Pulse and haven’t logged in before, your password is likely to be your Social Security Number. If you have trouble figuring out your password you can go to the Learning Resource Center on the third floor of the Scott Memorial Library for help.

The Bare Bones

--Your campus key is your username. There is a link on the login page to look it up.

--The first time you log in your password is usually your Social Security number.