A Word About Email

Well, maybe a few words… If you are back at the Welcome page you will find JeffMail Email to be the next link under Tasks in the “Tools” menu. By clicking on this you will be brought to the JeffMail page where you will be asked to enter your username (campus key) and password again (it can be annoying but it is how it has to be). The mail system is a different topic altogether with it’s own help/tutorial resources.

Even though this tutorial isn't going to cover the email system you should go over a potentially useful feature—mass Emailing your classmates or members of an organization. You use this feature when you want to send the same message to a bunch of people that you work with through school or extracurricular activities.

So, How do I send a mass Email?

To do this, click Send E-mail under the “Tools” menu on the Welcome page of Pulse. From there you will get a list of courses and organizations that you are a member of. Select the appropriate one and you will get the following options:

  • All Users will address the email to all the enrolled members of the particular class or organization (The example is a biochemistry class).
  • All Groups is not often used. It is to send an email for all those in a particular category. You may get an error message saying that it is unable to send because nobody is assigned to this category. Don’t fret; you can use the All Users to email to everybody in a particular class/organization.
  • All Teaching Assistants will allow you to email your teaching assistants (of course you can’t use this feature if you don’t have a teaching assistant for your class).
  • All Instructors allows you to email your instructors. Note that this may just send email to the course coordinator—because he/she is in charge of class email. In this case you must individually email a particular instructor if it is someone other than the course coordinator.
  • All Observers is used to email those who are outsiders to your course/organization. As you can see from the example on the last page, this may appear in black, in which case it cannot be selected in this particular situation. You will have to email observers individually.
  • Select Users is a useful feature that allows you to send email to particular members of your class organization. Once you click on it, a page will load with the names of the users of the class or organization you are trying to email. To include an individual, just click on the box to the left of the individual’s name and a check shouldappear in the box.
  • Select Groups is often not set up and will give you an error message when you click on it. It would normally allow you to select different groups of people to send your email to (like members of several different courses for which you are enrolled).
  • Select Observers is the last option and is also, like All Observers, in black and not selectable. Again, in thiscase you would have to email the observers through your email program, entering in each person you want to include in the email.

What’s next? Once you select what feature will allow you to address the email to the approprieate people, you get a screen that will have the email addresses of the people you have selected in the “To:” space and your email address in the “From:” space.

From there, just fill out the form and hit Submit. If you want a copy of the email sent to yourself, check the box in step 2. Pulse is nice enough to break this process down into 4 easy steps.

To get back to the Welcome page, just click the My Pulse tab at the top left of your screen.

The Bare Bones

--Mass Email can be sent by selecting Send E-mail in the "Tools" box on the Welcome page.

--Just pick who you want to include in the Email, fill in the message, and send.