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Images & Multimedia Resources

Anatomy Resources

  • Draw it to Know it: Neuroanatomy | Registration/App
    More than 140 illustrated and narrated tutorials that address the critical elements of neuroanatomy. Learn neuroanatomical pathway and structure while creating reproducible schematics for the various learning points. The focus is on the functional, clinical importance of the anatomy. Exams for self-testing are included. In addition to free access to the website, Jeffersonians can get the iPad/iPhone App to support the drawing capabilities of Draw It to Know It: Neuroanatomy.

Clinical Collections

  • Jefferson Clinical Image Database Jeffersonians only
    The JCI includes over 1,000 digital clinical images depicting a wide variety of disease entities ranging from the commonplace to the unusual. Students and residents, at all levels of training, are encouraged to visit the site to either refresh their clinical diagnostic skills in general, or to study a specific entity in more depth. The images were all photographed on the Jefferson campus; hence they represent a cross-section of diseases that a student is likely to encounter in an urban setting. Entries emphasize the description, diagnostic work-up, and treatment of each specific entity.

  • AccessMedicine Jeffersonians only
    Use the "Multimedia" tab or the "Images, Video & Audio" advanced search feature to identify images, videos, heart and respiratory sounds, charts and figures from dozens of core clinical and scientific texts.

  • AccessSurgery Jeffersonians only
    Use the "Multimedia" tab or search by "Images & Multimedia" dropdown option to identify still images and videos of surgical procedures and operations.

  • Atlas E-books
    Over 50 e-book atlases and thousands more books.

  • Online Videos Jeffersonians only
    A growing collection of commercial teaching videos for student use.

  • Public Health Image Library (PHIL)
    Photographs, illustrations, and multimedia files, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, organized into hierarchical categories of people, places, and science.

  • ScienceDirect Jefferson only
    Use the Image Search option to locate biomedical and scientific images, tables, and figures in any of the ScienceDirect journals.

  • Videos of Surgical Procedures (National Library of Medicine)
    A growing collection of videos at the MEDLINEPlus site, geared to health consumer education.

Historical Collections

Research Resources