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JEFFSelects: Copyright & Fair Use

Paying for Permission to Reproduce

If you wish to use copyrighted materials in a way that exceeds the allowance of fair use, it is usually possible to purchase permission through copyright clearing services or through the publisher.

Library staff can help you obtain the information necessary to place these orders, but we cannot place the orders on behalf of departments or individuals. Departments are responsible for all costs associated with acquiring permission. Please plan to make your requests at least 30 days in advance of need.

Please login to obtain a quote. If you prefer to email your order, please contact Laura McNamara, Electronic Resources Librarian, at

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If permission is available through the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), we will send you:

  • Price and availability
  • How the materials may be used
  • Instructions explaining how to place an order through the CCC

If permission is not available through the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), we will send you:

  • Publisher's contact information
  • Permission request forms
  • Instructions explaining how to place an order directly through the publisher

Several commercial services exist for clearing copyright and building course packs. These companies will obtain copyright permissions for entire course reading lists. They package the readings, and the packs can be distributed electronically or in print. Examples include XanEdu and Academic Pub. There are fees associated with these commercial services, and not all publishers may work with them. If you have any questions about working with a commercial service, please contact Laura McNamara at 215-503-5203 or