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Databases A-Z: Search Results

National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC)
Produced by U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

    Source: AHRQ
    Access: Free to all users.
    Coverage: Current guidelines only
    Updated: Weekly
    Vocabulary: Keyword, MeSH
    Description: The NGC is a comprehensive database of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and related documents, including: a utility for comparing attributes of two or more guidelines in a side-by-side comparison; syntheses of guidelines covering similar topics; links to full-text guidelines and/or ordering information for print copies; an electronic forum for exchanging information; and annotated bibliographies on guideline development methodology, implementation, and use. Includes guidelines from HSTAT.

Natural Medicines
Produced by Natural Medicines.

    Source: Therapeutic Research Center
    Access: Direct access via campus computers. Off-campus access requires Jefferson Campus Key.
    Coverage: Current information only
    Updated: Annual
    Vocabulary: Keyword

    Evidence-based information on dietary supplements, natural medicines, and complementary alternative and integrative therapies.  Continuing Education, patient handouts, health & wellness monographs, charts, and an adverse effects checker are available.

NCBI Biosystems Database
Produced by The U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM).

    Source: National Library of Medicine
    Access: Free to all users.
    Coverage: Current information only
    Updated: Not stated
    Vocabulary: Keyword
    Description: The NCBI BioSystems Database currently contains biological pathways from two source databases, KEGG and the EcoCyc subset of BioCyc, and will add other sources as they become available.

NHS Economic Evaluation Database (NHSEED)
Produced by Centre for Reviews and Dissemintation (CRD).

    Source: Wiley Online Library
    Access: Direct access via campus computers. Off-campus access requires Jefferson Campus Key.
    Coverage: Not stated
    Updated: Weekly
    Vocabulary: Keyword
    Description: NHS Economic Evaluation Database focuses on the economic evaluation of health care interventions and aims to help decision makers interpret an increasingly complex and technical literature. NHS EED systematically identifies and describes economic evaluations, appraises their quality and highlights their relative strengths and weaknesses.

NIH Clinical Research Trials and You
Produced by The National Institutes of Health.

    Source: The National Institutes of Health
    Access: Free to all users.
    Coverage: not stated
    Updated: not stated
    Vocabulary: Keyword
    Description: This purpose of this site is to help the general public learn more about clinical trials, why they matter, and how to participate. It includes information about the basics of clinical trial participation, first hand experiences from actual clinical trial volunteers, explanations from researchers, and, links on how to search for a trial or enroll in a research matching program. Health care professionals can read about evidence-based strategies for talking with patients about trials, print audience-tested posters to help promote trials in clinics and offices, and find other educational materials.

NLM Gateway
Produced by U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM).

    Source: NLM
    Access: Free to all users.
    Coverage: Select Meeting Abstracts and Health Services Research Projects in Progress
    Updated: Not stated
    Vocabulary: MeSH, keyword, field searching
    Description: The Meeting Abstracts database contains selected abstracts from meetings and conferences in the subject areas of AIDS, Health Services Research, and Space Life Sciences. HSRProj contains descriptions of research funded by federal and private grants and contracts for use by policy makers, managers, clinicians and other decision makers. It provides access to information about health services research in progress before results are available in a published form.

    Note: The NLM® Gateway has transitioned to a new pilot project from the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications (LHNCBC). The NLM Gateway no longer provides search access across multiple databases. The new site currently searches only two databases: Meeting Abstracts and Health Services Research Projects in Progress (HSRProj).

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