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Databases A-Z: Search Results

Produced by the U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

    Source: NCBI
    Access: Free to all users.
    Coverage: Current information only
    Updated: Bimonthly
    Vocabulary: Keyword
    Description: GenBank is the NIH database of all known, publicly available DNA sequences; it includes supporting bibliographic and biological information. NCBI builds GenBank primarily from the direct submission of sequence data from authors and secondarily from scanning the journal literature. The data are supplemented by incorporating sequences from other public databases. Data are accessible by either downloading database files or by text and sequence similarity searches.

Genetic Toxicology Data Bank (GENE-TOX)
Produced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

    Source: NLM TOXNET
    Access: Free to all users.
    Coverage: Current information only
    Updated: Not stated
    Vocabulary: Keyword
    Description: GENE-TOX contains genetic toxicology (mutagenicity) test data, resulting from expert peer review of the open scientific literature, on over 3,000 chemicals. The GENE-TOX program was established to select assay systems for evaluation, review data in the scientific literature, and recommend proper testing protocols and evaluation procedures for these systems. Search by chemical or other name, chemical name fragment, Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number (RN), and/or subject terms.

Google Scholar for Jeffersonians
Produced by Google.

    Source: Google
    Access: Direct access via campus computers. Off-campus access requires Jefferson Campus Key.
    Coverage: Not stated
    Updated: Not stated
    Vocabulary: Keyword
    Description: Google Scholar is a growing database of scholarly literature in all fields. It is problematic to search, since Google does not give specifics about dates covered, bibliographic sources, or currency of material. However, it is an easy starting point that may satisfy entry-level search needs. While Google Scholar is free to all users from the Google site, this link passes users through Jefferson's proxy server, so that Google will then display Jefferson links to subscribed full text, where available.

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