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Scott Memorial Library
1020 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Scott Memorial Library Collection Development Policy

Trends in collections and publishing


Levels of coverage

Description and selection criteria of specific collections

Print journal withdrawal

Specific types of materials

Multiple copies

Replacement copies


Printable PDF of the entire policy

Multiple Copies


Duplication of monographic materials is limited to those titles with a demonstrated exceptionally high demand, usually textbooks and other titles kept in the Reserve collection to support specific course work, and are not available online. Duplicate copies are weeded when heavy demand ceases. Dictionaries and world atlases are duplicated when copies are useful in more than one location. A copy of current health sciences books acquired for the Jeffersoniana Collection may also added to the circulating book collection.


Multiple print subscriptions to a journal are not purchased. However the Library may provide electronic access to a title from two different providers. This may arise when a title is available from the publisher and also in an aggregated collection.

Adopted: November 2005