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ScienceDirect Tutorial

Search Alerts: Notification and Retrieval

You will receive email notification from ScienceDirect after your Search Alert has run and found new articles:

ScienceDirect now has 27 new article(s) matching your Alert!

Name of Alert:       cholesterol

You have been notified of 381 articles for this Alert.

You can access your results from this Alert for the next 30 days at:

On campus (TJU) access: The link in the email message will take you to the ScienceDirect personal login page. Once you log in you will be taken directly to your search results. This link expires in 30 days.

Off campus access:

  • From JEFFLINE's Journals A-Z list, scroll down the list to click on Elsevier ScienceDirect.
  • A box will prompt to enter your JEFFLINE user name and password.
  • After entering a valid user name and password, you will be taken to the ScienceDirect homepage.
  • After entering this page, you will need to create or use your existing ScienceDirect user name and password to create or modify your alerts.
How do I access ScienceDirect?

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