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PowerPoint Pearls: Selecting Workspace Views

Familiarity with your software's workspace will increase your comfort level and productivity. This is especially true when working with PowerPoint. A simple click of the mouse allows you change your workspace view in both the Windows and MAC operating systems.

To Select a View: Click on an icon in the lower left corner of the workspace.

Now that you can navigate to these views, here’s an overview of their function:

Normal View
This is the default view and the one that you'll use for the bulk of your work within PowerPoint.

The screen is divided to allow you to work with text in the outline area and formatting in the slide area.

Outline View and Slide View – Although these views may also be used in developing your presentation, I do not work in them because they emphasize only one component--the text or the formatting. The Normal View offers more flexibility.

Slide Sorter View
This view displays thumbnails of all slides in your presentation and allows for the efficient application of transitions and animations.

Slide Show View
This will actually launch the presentation, beginning with the selected slide (i.e., if you select this view from Slide 9, PowerPoint will begin the presentation at Slide 9).

Use this view frequently to preview your slide formatting.

The key to becoming comfortable with PowerPoint views and their functions is to practice navigating and working in them.