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PowerPoint Pearls: Pack and Go

I just finished my graphic-intense PowerPoint masterpiece and determine its size to be 7.5 MB. Oh, no! How will I ever fit this on to a Floppy? I need to be in my meeting in 2 hours!

The popularity of thumb drives makes my little scenario sound contrived. However, I do encounter people who are still using Floppy disks routinely.

Pack and Go is a feature that will automatically slice your presentation, save it on to multiple floppy disks, and then reassemble it on another computer. Do try this at home. It's best to test this feature before you absolutely need to use it.

Pack and Go

  1. Click on File, Pack and Go…
  2. A wizard will take you through each step.
    • Step 1. If you would like to take more than one presentation, the active presentation will pack first.
    • Step 2. Choose your removable disk. The wizard will allow you to fill multiple floppies if necessary.
    • Step 3. Include any linked files or fonts.
    • Step 4. Include the PowerPoint viewer if the machine you are using does not have PowerPoint.
  3. Make sure you label and order your disks!

That was the easy part. Now let's…

Unpack and Access the Presentation

  1. Place the disk into the appropriate drive. If you are using multiple disks, begin with the first disk.
  2. Access the appropriate drive. (Use My Computer or Windows Explorer)
  3. Double click on the file pngsetup. The Pack and Go Setup window will appear.
  4. Choose the appropriate destination folder.
  5. A new window will appear reminding you that this file will overwrite existing files with the same name and asking if you wish to proceed.
  6. If you have more than one floppy you will be prompted to add the next disk. If you insert the disks out of order, you will get the Unpacking… window prompting you to insert the next disk. (There will be no other indication that your disks are out of order or otherwise incorrect.)
  7. You will receive a message that the presentation was successfully installed and are asked if you would like to start the show. At this point, you may want to take a moment to orient yourself to the new machine. End the presentation and find it on the C: drive.