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PowerPoint Pearls: Inserting an AutoShape

I'm not a big fan of laser pointers. Not only have I endured the nervous, inattentive presenter shining it in my eyes, but I also find them hard to see in a large auditorium. Instead, I suggest using an arrow which can be quickly generated in PowerPoint.

Arrows are considered AutoShapes. Although this example illustrates use of the Block Arrow, the technique applies to other AutoShapes.

Insert an AutoShape

  1. To launch the Drawing toolbar, click on View, Toolbars, Drawing. The Drawing toolbar is pictured below and is typically anchored at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Choose AutoShapes, Block Arrows, Up Arrow.

  2. Use the Crosshairs cursor to place the arrow in the appropriate location on the slide. A left mouse click will anchor the object, dragging the mouse will change the dimensions.

  3. Use the handles to modify the dimensions of the AutoShape.

  4. Use the Move cursor to change the location on the screen.