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PowerPoint Pearls: Printing Audience Handouts

I can't decide if this one is a Pearl or a Pebble. Perhaps it's my proximity to forty, but the standard (3-slides per page with note lines on the right) handout is much too small for me to read. Opt for two slides per page and printing gets prohibitive. As an alternative, I recommend creating your handouts in a word processing program like MS Word.

Although I don't care for the handout options available in PowerPoint, I seem to be in the minority. So...

To Print Audience Handouts

  1. Click on File, Print...
  2. In the Print window, select Handouts from the Print what drop down box. The Handouts box to the right will become active. Make your selection.
  3. Before you click OK, be sure that you have chosen the correct printer in the Printer box at the top of the window.

Notice that this dialog box, and the instructions above, can also be used to print speaker notes (Notes) and outlines.