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PowerPoint Pearls: Determining File Size

Your PowerPoint presentations are probably some of the largest files on your hard drive. And, by their nature, you'll need to transport them.

You must consider three variables when deciding how to transport your PowerPoint presentation:

  • the hardware of your computer
  • the hardware of the presentation computer
  • the size of the PowerPoint file

As a quick review, here are the typical capacities of the various storage media.

Floppy disk 1.4 MB
Zip disk 100 or 250 MB
CD 700 MB
Thumb drive variable

And here is how to determine file size:

  1. Click on File, Properties… The Properties window will appear.
  2. Click on the General tab. The file size is the third item in the second section of this window.

Note: Be sure to save your presentation before attempting to determine the file size.