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PowerPoint Pearls: Apply Preset Animation

The preset animation function of PowerPoint animates slide text only. It will not animate titles, images, or text in custom textboxes. (Not that you would want to do that...)

When adding preset animation it is best to work in the Slide Sorter View. This will allow you to see thumbnails of your entire presentation so that you may select the slides to animate.

To apply preset animation:

  1. Select the slides you wish to animate. If you want to select slides that are not continuously sequenced, press and hold down the CTRL key while using the mouse to click on your selections.

  2. Click on Slide Show, Preset Animation, Wipe Right (as an example)

  3. Test the animation in the slide sorter view by clicking on the animation icon below each slide. The animation icon looks like this:

Note: These instructions apply to PowerPoint versions prior to MS Office 2002. These differences will be addressed in future PowerPoint Pearls.