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The Photoshop Phanatic: Photoshop Basics

Part 6: Applying Arrows to an Image

In this installment of Photoshop Basics, we will add a simple arrow to an image. Open your copy of Photoshop and follow along.

Applying arrows to an image:

  1. Click on the Line tool.
  2. Click the Geometry Options dropdown on the option bar.

  1. Click the Start Arrowhead checkbox.
  2. Choose the Width and Length of the arrow and the Concavity (The Concavity controls how much the two end points of the arrow curve.)
  3. Select the Weight and Color of the arrow in the option bar.
  4. Click and drag on the image to create the arrow.
  5. Use the Move tool to change the location of the arrow.

Experiment with this technique and see what you can do with it.