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AISR's Values

  • AISR will maintain a high level of staff support for the utilization of resources and services.
  • AISR regularly evaluate the needs of the Jefferson community in relation to its resources and services.
  • AISR will collaborate with other departments and individuals for developing its resources and services.
  • AISR will seek to protect the privacy of its users.
  • AISR will strive to deliver its resources and services at the point of need.
  • AISR is committed to providing a learning environment for the growth and development of its staff.
  • AISR is committed to continuing to reduce University costs by seeking external sources of funding.
  • AISR encourages and supports the participation by its staff in relevant professional organizations.
  • AISR promotes awareness of its resources and services.
  • AISR will protect the interests of the University and its faculty related to copyrighted materials.