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CTL and SML Departmental & Staff Directory

Ivy Tan, MA

Ivy Tan is an Instructional Design Specialist for AISR Education Services. She provides training and consultation to staff and students on the application of instructional technologies in the classroom. In addition to this, she works with faculty to design, develop and deploy instructional software and content for online learning.

Interests & Expertise

Ivy has been working in the e-learning field for 11 years, during which she has handled a wide range of projects related to instructional technologies such as: in-class workshops; one on one consultation; software design, implementation, support, training and evaluation. She works with content writers to designs courses and programs for distance and blended learning modes.

Ivy has a special interest in e-portfolio systems. She specializes in the design, training, application and implementation of e-portfolios into the curriculum.

In addition to e-portfolios and major applications, such as Learning Management Systems, Ivy is also interested in less-popular instructional software, such as mind mapping tools, peer to peer evaluation software, plagiarism detection software, the virtual microscope, and specialized custom-built software that enhances teaching and learning.

Background & Training

Ivy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the National University of Singapore, with majors in Mathematics and Economics and a minor in Computer Programming and Applications. In 2000, she obtained a Master of Arts degree in Curriculum Studies with specializations in Instructional Design and Technology from the University of Victoria in Canada. Ivy also holds a postgraduate teaching certificate from the National Institute of Education in Singapore.

Publications & Presentations (Partial List)

Busch, A. McQuarrie, A. Bello-Has, V.D. Premkumar, K. Tan, I. Nov 2009. Design, Implementation, and Maintenance of the Clinical Practice E-Portfolio. E-Portfolio lightning round, poster session and online seminar. Educause, Denver Colorado. USA.

Busch, A. McQuarrie, A. Bello-Has, V.D. Premkumar, K. Tan, I. Oct 2009. Designing and implementing a Clinical Practice ePortfolio system. ELearn conference. Vancouver Canada.

Tan, I. Chandran, R. (2009). Rapid E-Learning in the University. In Encyclopedia of Multimedia Technology and Networking (Vol. 2, 2nd Ed, pp. 1200). Information Science Reference, New York: Hershey.

Tan, I. Brooks, C. Trottier, D. May 2008. Attitudes Towards Recorded Lectures. Canadian Network for Innovation in Education Conference. Banff Canada.

Tan, I. Lorin, E. Mittleholtz, D. May 2008. Object Oriented Approach to Designing Online Courseware. Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference. Saskatoon Canada.

Chandran. R, Leong M.C & Tan I. (2004) E-Portfolio Systems. Challenges in Design and Implementation. Inventio. George Mason University. Fall 2004 issue 6 vol 2.

Tan, I. Nov 2003. Design of electronic portfolios in a large Asian research university. Educause. Anaheim, California. USA.

Ivy Tan, MA

Scott Memorial Library
1020 Walnut Street
Room 411
Philadelphia, PA 19107
fax: 215-923-3203